Comment to 'Problem with Channels Permissions'
  • I have made a test account with limited permissions and now seeing this error page on channels posted as 'updates' but seem to be able to follow a channel made as a 'post.'

    Alex T⚜️ Andrew Boon I am now seeing it as well with the on this post again... Maybe something slipped through with the RC2 Update, undoing the fix?

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    • Hi James Cherry !

      Here, in we have this bug fixed now. So in your site seems you need to check your Channels version (Studio->Apps market->Updates). If you see that it is available for update, then need to complete it.

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      • My site is up to date and appears to be working fine right now. This is a screen shot of right now, when I click on within this post. works fine, so perhaps just an issue with that link.


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