Comment to 'Where are all the Blocks and how to add php?'
  • Thank you very much, Leonid, but i am working with Dolphin 7.4.2 because of some Modules that are not ready in UNA up to today. And in Dolphin there are only 3 modules in a new page.

    Any idea how to change that?

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    • Ah, sorry, missed this part about Dolphin. And yes, via admin panel you may add only mentioned types. If you want to add the block with PHP code you need to perform it via MySQL commands. For example, the following code insert the Profile photo block:

      INSERT INTO `sys_page_compose` (`Page`, `PageWidth`, `Desc`, `Caption`, `Column`, `Order`, `Func`, `Content`, `DesignBox`, `ColWidth`, `Visible`, `MinWidth`) VALUES

      ('profile', '1140px', 'Profile Photo Block', '_[db_prefix]_photo_block', 0, 0, 'PHP', 'return BxDolService::call(''photos'', ''profile_photo_block'', array(array(''PID'' => $this->oProfileGen->_iProfileID)), ''Search'');', 1, 28.1, 'non,memb', 263);

      Where field 'Funct' has the value 'PHP' and field 'Content' - the PHP code

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