Comment to 'Just Curious - What does everyone do for a living?'
  • I work full time in IT running my own IT company called Legacy Tech. I just recently launched my first UNA site for the Pro 2A community and moderate that site with about 5 others now.

    unitedethos*com (i can't post links for some reason)

    I have really enjoyed the UNA community and love the platform.

    ps: I ALSO think I have the best looking UNA site

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    • its an ADA compliance module called

      It instantly modifies the local browsers loaded CSS, HTML, PHP and Java to meet the requirements with ADA compliance.

      its free to sign up and you just load the script right inside the "Injections" area of UNA for the Header and Body. 

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      • bbunnelle No way your site is better than mine :) 

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        • 😆

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        UNA - Social Media Software Framework