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  • Gidday everyone,

    I'm guessing this is a good thread to introduce myself. I'm Paul Cull, from New Zealand although I spent over twenty years in Brazil. I've just completed a Master of Emergency Management in New Zealand and am looking for employment in the field whilst working on some contracts for international Non-Governmental Organisations.

    I have been training Community-Based Disaster Response Teams (CBDRTs) in developing countries since 2003 and have mostly been teaching the US Federal Emergency Management Agency's Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) course, although I'm currently working on a new model more suitable for vulnerable communities and developing nations.

    I've taught or supervised around 33 CERT courses for some 660 people in 7 nations so far, so and want to create a site where CBDRTs can communicate, help each other out, post information about training ideas, online courses, etc. I've snagged the domain for this and put it on my own VPS for now, and am trying to see if UNA will do what I need (I think it will as it will basically be people who belong to organisations posting in groups and sharing files, videos, etc).

    Since some of the teams I founded are in Brazil I'm also looking at creating a Portuguese translation for UNA (I've done that for other software in the past).

    I don't expect to make any money from this site although I hope that if it expands enough we might get funding from an international organisation to put it on a decent hosting environment (like



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    • All three of your messages are still here.

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      • Weird. When I posted the first reply what looked like some PHP code appeared and the reply didn't show up when I refreshed.

        Anyway, deleted it now so as not to repeat myself!

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        • Hi Paul,

          you are in a great field. I was also in this field in the San Antonio, Texas area. Handled many incidents as Logs Chief and trained all the way up to Area Commander.  Best wishes with your efforts and i will watch to see how it goes.

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