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  • Sorry I am late in this topic. I've been in IT for about 20yrs. Today I provide IT services mainly around AWS Cloud. I help companies build new Cloud environments including security. Β Most of my work is done in a automated fashion using Infrastructure as Code (IaC). The tools I use for the Orchestration and Configuration are Terraform & Ansible which enables me build new Cloud environments from ground up in days not months. The clients love this approach because it helps them get things done rather quickly and not to mention it is very cost-effective. This also enables them hire less engineers to maintain their environments and build/rebuild resources on the fly.

    I use my UNA site (former D7) mainly to provide my community with a platform for social networking which also helps me showcase my IT services. Sometimes I get some revenues from advertisement, but not much. Hoping to come up with an attractive product I can use on my site hopefully to generate more revenues, but I will not loose sleep over it if I don't.


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