Comment to 'Jot Messenger'
Comment to Jot Messenger
  • What I have read from Alexey is that when the cert changes, JOT is suppose to automatically restart and pick up the new cert but it isn't doing that.  The JOT on the machine was the first one presented to us by UNA.  Was the JOT server changed and what I need to do is the update the JOT server to get the auto restart feature?


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    • If that is the case, I would interested in knowing how that works since you have to hard-code the directory name and the cert names being used. 

      In Plesk, I cannot see the directory of where the Let's Encrypt cert is installed OR the name of the file. I would assume when the cert expires/renews in 90 days, the name of the cert wouldn't be exactly the same (but I could be wrong). 

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