Comment to 'Jot Messenger'
Comment to Jot Messenger
  • It is my server. The site itself is hosted on TMD but with a Business Cloud account. They do not allow the installation of node. js On my server, It's strange because if I use forever list in terminal, it says  no forever processes running, but if I type ps ax | grep forever it list /usr/bin/node /usr/lib/node_modules/forever/bin/monitor app.js

    Strange that it isn't working for me still. Ports are open. Going to try switching ports on the router and config.json file and restart app.js.

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    • Hello Jeremy ,

      1) Try to check console of the browser on main messenger page, it may contain error messages like  ERR_CERT_INVALID or something like that.

      2) Folder with Jot Server may contain log.log file with errors, it may help to find the problem. 

      3) In config/config.json file in domain option list you may have wrong domain names and Jot Server doesn't allow to connect.

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