Comment to 'Jot Messenger'
Comment to Jot Messenger
  • so I guess my question now would be the cert and key would be certs/cert.cert and keys/key.key with root of / even though they are in the home/user/ssl/certs and home/user/ssl/keys folders?

    or would it be like


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    • also when setting up the reverse proxy for it so I can have I get a proxy error, though I know I have it set properly.  I think if I can get the reverse proxy working properly I will be able to get it working as when I goto I get the cert error because the cert is for messenger and not for mysite.  So it is finding the right certs.

      Edit: I can get it to work by going directly to the port, but would eventually love to be able to have it use the reverse proxy.

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      • In case when certifictes root folder in home/user/ssl/, then config should look like this: 

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        • About proxy:
           We are using Primus as real-time framework for messenger. You may try to find information about how to configure reverse proxy for it here

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