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Comment to Nexus
  • I did not realy understad how it works, does nexus need to be installed on every phone that want to use my app?

    No, Nexus is only meant to be installed on your UNA site. Then, once you compile and publish your native apps, users who download them will be able to you your site via those apps because they communicate with your una site via Nexus app. It’s like an app authentication module - your users don’t need to even know about it - it’s only for you to connect your site and your apps. 

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    • Andrew, I understood the benefit of an app at the level of push notifications on IOs. If we forget this point, once Jot React is finally developed, will there be a real benefit to the applications?

      For you to understand my question, I can put it differently. If I'm not interested in push notifications, do I have a reason to be interested in apps?

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