Comment to 'Set Membership Button Missing'
  • Thanks for the replies. This still doesn’t sound right. Maybe I wasn’t clear enough outing the problem. 

    if iI configure my profile as follows 

    Visibile to = Friends (or Relationships)

    Who can post to my profile = Public

    Then create a new post (to Posts, Timeline etc..)  and in the post set Visibility = Public

    My post doesn’t appear in Home screen content even though it is marked as Public. but does show in  Dashboard content. Also when a Friend/Relation tries to view my profile they get Access Denied - This content is Private.

    If my profile is set as follows

    Visibile to = Public

    Who can post to my profile = Public


    Then Posts with Visibility = Public show up in both Home and Dashboard content and members can view my profile (But so can anyone)

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    • It is interesting situation with Friends and private content. Please provide me your UNA studio access via Messenger, I'll review it.

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