Comment to 'Thinking about Trials and a change in UNA PowerApps pricing/billing.'
  • i think its a far-cry from dolphin all the modules where free but that type of system is flawed the flaw was that in order for things to get better and a company to survive there needs to be a system to put funds back into the software and pay una staff and such i understand the whole reason for the power apps but others seem to not want to take the first step in buying any this would help gain trust from those that doubt the price of the apps as you stated Andrew Boon in another post that you where thinking that a $10 update price for apps a 1 off payment of say $50 a month and $10 for to update it every now and then thats a great idea but even if its half that $25 per update its a step in the right direction this would only work in the renting of apps and not in the subscription plans but who needs this for the subscription plans as your saving money with them anyways also you could do a 7 day free trial i have not yet used power apps myself yet but do plan too anyways peace out una team say awesome


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    • You lost me there at first but i think a get the point that you agree with Andrew Boon 

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      • indeed i see a lot of other software out there and it don't hold a candle to dolphin and now una when you buy into Andrew Boon's services its more of an investment with other software its released and then forgot about i have seen a lot of stuff being discontinued and the software dev still keeps it up as paid robbing unsuspecting people not in the know Andrew Boon is the only CEO i know of that prides his self on keeping us informed i see a lot of other software's just making one post then not replying he puts his self out in the front line like you wouldn't know it :D anyways people are often miss understood before they make great innovations and such and the una team are just as impact-full in making this dream this vision a reality and were along for the ride making una one of the best places to be dolphin had problems una is the next evolution to greatness anyways peace out


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