Comment to 'Thinking about Trials and a change in UNA PowerApps pricing/billing.'
  • indeed i see a lot of other software out there and it don't hold a candle to dolphin and now una when you buy into Andrew Boon's services its more of an investment with other software its released and then forgot about i have seen a lot of stuff being discontinued and the software dev still keeps it up as paid robbing unsuspecting people not in the know Andrew Boon is the only CEO i know of that prides his self on keeping us informed i see a lot of other software's just making one post then not replying he puts his self out in the front line like you wouldn't know it :D anyways people are often miss understood before they make great innovations and such and the una team are just as impact-full in making this dream this vision a reality and were along for the ride making una one of the best places to be dolphin had problems una is the next evolution to greatness anyways peace out


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