Comment to 'Thinking about Trials and a change in UNA PowerApps pricing/billing.'
  • HelloΒ 

    If you have a Dolphin Permanent license, it can be transferred to UNA Power Plan license.

    This Power Plan license will be free of charge and lifetime.

    To do the transfer, we need the following information from you:

    1) Dolphin Permanent license ID

    2) UNA.IO profile ID or profile link

    You may send your request to support The Power Plan you may see hereΒ 

    It doesn't work! I've sent an email to the address mentioned above, neither nobody replied to me nor license had been transferred to my UNA profile.

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    • Hello Electrik !

      Your request has been answered in 3 hours. I've asked about your profile link. Now I definitely know it :-) Your license deal was passed to the responsible person.

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      • I am glad to update my post with a positive result. Today I've obtained the license. Very happy. Thanks

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        • Leonid, Thank you very much for your prompt response. I've got the UNA Power subscription plan.

          Kind regards

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