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  • Consider that... all sorts of service calls can be used - specific posts, forms, browsing results, profile cards, join form, etc. 

    Then think of how it could be used while building pages in Studio - not just replying on available builder blocks and settings, but simply creating an empty page with custom block and throwing together any combination of these macros, text, layout, etc. Say, a page like a footer-less, header-less login page with centred login form can be made in a minute and no need for special settings in the builder!

    Or, say, adding a few cards of team members profile into the About page, regardless of whether they share specific membership, featured status, or anything that we may have built a block for. Just add any IDs and it will render cards.

    Or, say, a Documentaton page, linking to various specific posts, discussions, articles, not with static text links that you have to update if anything changes but with embedded cards that update if posts are edited.

    If we take it far enough you could build entirely custom pages with unique combinations of functional elements.

    Some of these macros could be available for site members, not just admins - so they could serve as internal embeds, "attached" posts/media/etc. Say, I post some  videos to Videos module, and then create a blog post with a few of those video cards inserted within my post. 

    Or, I could write an announcement, and encourage people to create new discussions when they have question, and actually embed a "Create Discussion" form into my post. 

    Endless possibilities.

    Okay Andrew Boon i'm all for new and excited ventures, and i can only imagine what UNA team might be working on behind closed doors. I and many here help as much as we can so that you guys can continue developing, fixing bugs, etc..., but bro can you please try to have your team just stay on one version, try to make it stable as much as you can. Many are posting some bugs, many are learning UNA, many have issues, whether they maybe small or just confusion, who knows. Can you just slow down a bit.

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    • I hear you! This particular improvement is so exciting because it actually allows us to avoid a lot of complexity in making new settings, special cases and conditions and to accomodate for simple requests. Also, it is a result of the work being done for a few custom implementations we're working on now. 

      Just think about this simple request: someone wants a login page with nothing but a login form, in the middle pf the page, not stretched to the entire page width. Currently it's not really possible to do - you can create a page without a header or footer, but then you have to choose layout which specifies sections with proportional width, without absolute constrains. So, we have to make a half-page login form with some placeholder text/image on the other side, hide the other side on mobile, etc. With these macros, we can just create a block with a container that has specified width constrains, centre it, insert login form macros and job is done. 

      I feel that it should give us shortcuts to servicing lots of custom requests without overcomplicating the system settings.

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