Comment to 'Magic'
Comment to Magic
  • I agree this is some pretty fancy footwork here. I don't want to pop anybody's balloons here but, what about ReactJot as mentioned above by Baloo ? We got a preview of it back in December of 2018 and it is now almost 1 year later and we still don't have it. I have been following this project since it's preview and I was advised that it was "re-built" and ready for testing back in October. I just hope you are not trying to add so many features to it that it's because of that, the module is being delayed. Why not release a functional ReactJot and maybe add feature enhancements to it later. We were also informed about Giphy getting integrated into other existing modules so that Gifs could be used in updates, posts, and comments. 

    Again, this is pretty neat indeed and will probably be beneficial to some site owners. But I also think that features like ReactJot and Giphy would be even more beneficial. 

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