Comment to 'Magic'
Comment to Magic
  • With this instance we have clients with requirements that need to feature set not easily achievable with current UNA components. As we have built UNA as a 'Meccano' set of parts, rather that just build out the customers requirements, our resident engineering genius Alex T⚜️ builds a new set of parts that will be used to fulfil this customers requirement, as well as be useable for a huge multitude of other configurations and variations.

    It's a win for the client - who gets custom built software at a fraction of the real cost, with minimal or zero update costs - and a win for the UNA community, who get epic new features with no capital investment. UNA license fees essentially go towards covering the costs of future updates, so we all contribute a little towards the ongoing maintenance and evolution of these features.

    Make no mistake, this feature is a big one - it will provide the core functionality of many groovy UNA based solutions that can be created by us and you guys over the years to come.

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