Comment to 'Magic'
Comment to Magic
  • I just had to press a button to see new content, it should be real time, automatically appear as I am sitting on the discussion.

    The main reason we don’t automatically push comments now is that it can cause comments to shift/jump if a new comment is loaded in as reply in threaded mode - somebody is reading a comment and suddenly everything shifts down a bit.

    If comments were only presented linearly in oldest-first order like chat messages we could do that easily, but most popular choice is threaded comments with latest replies preloaded. So, live comments in such situation would cause shifts.

    What would you suggest considering this?

    I don't know what to suggest Andrew Boon but people don't like refreshing pages via mobile.

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    • well, it’s really a matter of making this more complicated (creating more settings and special cases - live for liner comments, live-trigger for threaded, etc) or more simple (like settling on just one type of sorting). Most other examples of comments that we see take similar approach as we have now - no live load, but showing a live β€œnew content” bullet to offer people an option to reload.Β 

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      • The shifting/jumping was brought up here, honestly something needs to be done, i hate to say this, but FaceCrook has that feature....ahhhh they s*ck. How does Twitter function?

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