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  • Hi Chris and Jeremy Crisp thanks so much for your help!

    Yes I bought Una's cloud hosting so I don't have my own server.

    I did verify my emails and the mailjet solution still isn't working for me.

    I did as you said and found the cron jobs in the dashboard (I am not a coder so all this is very hard for me)

    it says 

    Cron jobs  - 

    no crontab for www-data

    so apparently I need to contact support! I did so already for another issue and I have an upcoming call with I think, Matt

    I did not know how to set up cron jobs and i did not do so.

    is there a step by step guide to all the set up operations needed and how to do them, to make the site work?  

    Should I now try to delete the SMTP module since I am in UNA's cloud hosting? I don't know how to delete modules lol.



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    • Apologies I think i see it here, just been swimming in the site and I dont know how to swim... I contacted support and will go through this piece by piece :)

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