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  • There are a few different Feeds that Timeline module is providing. In fact it is about to have a few more so I will be posting a guide on them.

    Public Timeline is the one showing all public posts from all members regardless of whether your follow them or not, or even if you’re not logged in (unless otherwise specified in page builder for this block). This feed is rarely used, since it may be very noisy. it’s good for small sites and for admin to monitor content.

    Subscriptions Timeline is the Facebook-like feed of posts from profiles your follow. It will also show Promoted posts and posts from groups, channels, event, spaces that you follow. It’s best to have on the homepage, active for authenticated users only.

    There is also Hot Feed - which shows posts with positive reactions within certain timeframe. Good for homepage for public view or a dedicated browsing page.

     In the next update we will be introducing more feeds and an updated formula for popular posts. Stay tuned for that.

    DeDiary - I believe you just need to activate Subscriptions Feed for logged in users and disable Public feed on your homepage to achieve what you want. Same setup is used here on UNA.IO and same is applied to default set in UNA 11. 

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    • Happy the Chief is here. I can feel some relief that this is achievable. The next thing is how do I get it activated?

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      • Yes, I was not aware of this either. I am leaving the public feed on the homepage but adding the feed he mentioned to the account dashboard since I have a small site right now.

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