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  • Alex T⚜️ here are my buffer variables and some others: 

     Autoextend increment    64

    innodb_autoinc_lock_mode    1

    innodb_background_scrub_data_check_interval    3600

    innodb_background_scrub_data_compressed    OFF

    innodb_background_scrub_data_interval    604800

    innodb_background_scrub_data_uncompressed    OFF

    innodb_buf_dump_status_frequency    0

    innodb_buffer_pool_dump_at_shutdown    OFF

    innodb_buffer_pool_dump_now    OFF

    innodb_buffer_pool_dump_pct    100

    innodb_buffer_pool_filename    ib_buffer_pool

    innodb_buffer_pool_instances    8

    innodb_buffer_pool_load_abort    OFF

    innodb_buffer_pool_load_at_startup    OFF

    innodb_buffer_pool_load_now    OFF

    innodb_buffer_pool_populate    OFF

        Buffer pool size    4,096 MiB

    innodb_change_buffer_max_size    25

    innodb_ft_max_token_size    84

    innodb_ft_min_token_size    3

    innodb_ft_num_word_optimize    2000

    innodb_ft_result_cache_limit    2000000000


    innodb_ft_sort_pll_degree    2

    innodb_ft_total_cache_size    640000000


    innodb_idle_flush_pct    100

    innodb_immediate_scrub_data_uncompressed    OFF

    innodb_instrument_semaphores    OFF

    innodb_io_capacity    1000

    innodb_io_capacity_max    2000

    innodb_kill_idle_transaction    0

    innodb_large_prefix    OFF

    innodb_lock_schedule_algorithm    fcfs

    innodb_lock_wait_timeout    4

    innodb_locking_fake_changes    ON

    innodb_locks_unsafe_for_binlog    OFF

    innodb_log_arch_dir    ./

    innodb_log_arch_expire_sec    0

    innodb_log_archive    OFF

    innodb_log_block_size    512

    innodb_log_buffer_size    16,384 KiB

    innodb_log_checksum_algorithm    INNODB

    innodb_log_compressed_pages    ON

    innodb_log_file_size    410 k KiB

    innodb_log_files_in_group    2

    innodb_log_group_home_dir    ./

    See Last Post that has my current InnoDB directives for variables. I am wondering if it could be my flushing option, not sure. So I got my other variable settings to work and deleted the ones I got elsewhere :/ testing now. So with just 








    and clearing cache. this did not work. Yes before someone hops in and says so and hops out, I restarted Maria and Web Server, each time i made a change. I did from studio and from with the the web directory. Keep in mind Jquery is necessary when it comes to loading multiple images. Its not like they are not there. They upload, but do not show unless you refresh the page and then you have to post then refresh again. This also only happens when it is more then one image. Litespeed logs and bxprofiler show that the file is uploading without error.  I really do not think this is a database issue and there are no errors which has me in a loop, and it might very well be. All INNODB settings at this point unless something looks off in those variables, is as it should be based on what can be found here.  There are some extra InnoDB variables didnt see with my old MySQL when I was on Cpanel. What is so frustrating is for a moment I was able to do it and then not again. So it could still be database, but I cant be sure. At this point I am beyond frustration 🙀 

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