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  • Figured Id share this to in case this helps. Keep in mind this is my MYQL in a whole for buffering, but the main site is the social community: Also UNA shows I am on MYSQL5.5.5, but I am on Maria DB is this an issue? 

    Percona-XtraDB, Supports transactions, row-level locking, foreign keys and encryption for tables

    [ Variables | Buffer Pool | InnoDB Status ]

    Buffer Pool Usage

    Total : 262,136 pages / 4,096 MiB

    Free pages    257,917

    Dirty pages    0

    Pages containing data    4,198

    Pages to be flushed    3,567

    Busy pages    21

    Buffer Pool Activity

    Read requests    521,658

    Write requests    26,799

    Read misses    4,055

    Write waits    0

    Read misses in %    777.33 m %

    Write waits in %    0 %

    I also noticed that If you use the multi uploader  just uploading one at a time they will show without issues. So most definitely only when two or more images are uploaded together.  Alex T⚜️ 

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