Comment to 'Profile Cards'
Comment to Profile Cards
  • "The module also provides an extended support for meta menu on profile cards. For example it is possible to create a "Message" button with an onclick handler
    on a profile card which will be opening the Messenger page with a member (no need to visit profile first in order to click the "Message" button)."

    Ok, cool. So, how do we do this?

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    • Just add a custom item for the persons snippet meta menu (studio -> navigation -> persons -> snippet meta] or direct link and add a custom item with
      Title = Message
      OnClick = window.location.href=sUrlRoot+'page/messenger?profile_id={profile_id}';

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      • and for the email:

        Title = Email

        OnClick = window.location.href=sUrlRoot+'page.php?i=start-convo&profiles={profile_id}';


        Thank you, it's great!

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