Comment to 'Is a multi-user videochat available ?'
  • There is barely any instructions for Rocket Chat also it is not video chat ready. It is not an out of the box experience as the owner has to do a lot of figuring out how to modify it. Also it does not grab user profiles like it claims to do. Rocket Chats website is bad instructions and everything is forwarded to Github. It's super hard to navigate also it has a ton of different versions like PC, Android, iOS, so forth. Not one version that can detect what device you're using. I saw Live Chat, and Live Broadcasting in the settings but have no idea how to set them up as there's no tutorials and even UNA doesn't have one. We would love to use Rocket Chat if it truly can do what it says it can but right now you simply can't by yourself out the box and that's the problem. Lack of proper tutorials is why many people don't want to touch it.

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