Comment to 'New to UNA'
Comment to New to UNA
  • I found the SMTP module and downloaded it, my head is swimming. thank you. I like the idea this site can be whatever I dream . sorry I hijacked Matt's thread, the site won't allow me to post my own thread πŸ˜ͺ

    Hi Mergedia - this thread is useful regarding SMTP email as well:
    Also the UNA Start Guide is mandatory reading:

    And I've upgraded your user level to Premium, so you can now post links etc

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    • Thanks mark!

      I'll start Β with that mandatory email guide. I can see I have my work cut out for me, I don't know all these terms. SMTP, Captcha, etc, I'm going to be going slow and looking up definitions of stuff. I guess I will start with trying to make the email work and then move on

      thanks for the help!!!!

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      • Ok I did all that, but it isn't working I am getting a softbounce. maybe I'm almost there. I left a comment on the original thread about it :) I have to do more tomorrow my brain is on saturation mode :-)

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