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  • The problem is, the button to start a video conference is hidden (by default) if you are using a mobile device to view the site. I have the latest Samsung Galaxy, browsers that are compatible so, I am not sure what you mean about "unsupported mobile browsers". 

    As of right now, if a Desktop user created a group video chat, it sends that push message to those people with a red join button. If anyone who gets that alert and is currently viewing your site with a mobile device and clicks join, they are prompted to download the Jitsi App and then it connects them to the room.

    You mentioned adding a way to have your users download the Jitsi App some other way. That still doesn't fix the issue. Reason is, the button still will not be available in your site. If you open the Jitis App directly, well, you just created a room where you are the only person there, no push notifications, and have no way of getting others to join without posting the link somewhere on your site. 

    What I am thinking is, having the button with an option to enable/disable for Mobile browsers so not everyone has to use it. If someone viewing your site with a mobile device creates a group chat, then wants to start a video conference, a popup would appear to download or continue to the app (like it does now). BUT at least this way, you get the hashed link, the push notification would go out, and others at the site will have the option to join. 

    As I mentioned above, not everyone has developed/published UNA Mobile Apps for their sites. 

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    • this is solid, and to make it slightly more complex, mobile users not using a mobile app with api endpoints have to be considered too.  not all of us have dev liscenses or 800$ to throw at a mobile app deployment,

      so for example my users view my site via the browser, and need backwards compatibility with the function, as well as ANY other una site operator...

      so a toggle i think is a nice intermediary workaround, for those fetching the mobile page.
      because it will work on some hardware, and will not work on others,

      giving the site operator the ability to choose what series of detection scripting flow gets executed given the workload of "video meeting create event" , and how tis displayed based on the toggle ""push content to mobile browser users" and "hope for compatibility" versus "hide button from user if detected mobile fetch via browser" ?

      i'd rather try to fetch and havec mymobile browser blow up than not have the option...
      its NNAND/SSD anyway, you really can't break it.. you just have to re-set theres no loss if it doesnt work, other than .. it not working. humans we are an adaptive species..

      and who knows, maybe wont work now, but will work with further software/firmware updates to a particular device....

      so best to just let them try i think....

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