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  • Jeremy howdy! Replacing the entire house when it has a foundation and functional walls and windows isnt usually the easiest answer. especially when it's a racked system at a data center that you dont work at. :) 18.0.4 is an LTS release, and was chosen specifically because everything has matured and works inter-operably together properly. hence "production system."

    Ever ran debian testing or unstable? You wake up one morning and update your system only to find that some contractor replaced your floor with a zipline in the middle of the night and left a post it note with instructions on how to get out of your bed and zipline to the front door, and with additional instructions outside your house staked to a piece of rebar inside a plastic ziplock bag telling you that you will have to live outside for the next week because they've decided to build a new sewer line directly under your house... :-p

    im running node 12,series and definitely trust me, there are 100 domains on this box of mine and im not about to update the OS just because of a little slowing :D ::chuckle::

    im glad yours is working though :D

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    • well, where it really shines is if you for some reason need the ability to run a windowed application, and or feel a need to or want to, but with the absolute minimal crap possible to make it run.

      you install square tiles and can put them along the edge of the screen in order you choose, set the single or double click to launch, right click them for other options, i think the entire thing weighs in at under 16 megabytes.. it's pretty epically brilliant.. Β 

      one could think of it as a framebuffer to run xterm inside of, but nearly as responsive as a native TTY VT100 terminal.. Β no bloat.

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      • Sounds pretty slick. Will have to try it out one day. Thanks for the info

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        • as the young hoolingans say, 'fa'sho.' Β hahahaha. Β but yeah its rad. Β i've used it for years. Β it is the fastest window manager, hands down, minus like that other one that doesn't do much by modern standards, i forget the name, but oh rat something.. Β super old

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