Comment to 'Mobile app redirection'
  • To redirect user to some other page instead of homepage after login in mobile app

    Try to change all occurrences of 


    in App.js to


    Where ABC is URL where you want user redirect to after login

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    • Alex T⚜️ I've UNA installed in a subdirectory (, and I want the application to open on our main website ( before clicking on login/signup. If I change the BASE_URL to (, all the pages of the app will not work as they use the BASE_URL to direct users to different UNA pages. If I set the BASE_URL to ( the users will not see our main landing page as they will be directed to the login page of UNA. How can we keep the BASE_URL to ( while directing users to our main page ( when they first open the app?

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      • I think it's better to create such page inside UNA, you can enable Splash and create custom page.

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