Comment to 'What are the some good tricks to speedup your homepage?'
  • When you have the same home page and use the visibility options to show selected blocks to unauthenticated visitors and others to logged in members in fact the page is loading all.

    Actually block isn't loading when visibility settings aren't allow to view the block, if you compare block generation time when it's visible and not visible then it will be big difference. It's still shown in profiler to show how much time is spent on checking visibility settings. So separating homepage for logged in and not logged in users works but the difference isn't significant.
    Thank you Cem for the great tips.

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    • Hi Alex thanks for the explanation
      yes I perceived wrong, I retested and the invisible block that I mentioned above doesnt effect that much the loading time.👍
      The profiler results tricking me are as below,

      1. What is the meaning of that X.X E-5sec, how shall we evaluate it?

      2. The SQL query number of the logged in home page is changing from 4000 + to 15000+ queries which triples the loading time, I couldn't catch if a module is doing this, but is this normal or I should check more deeply?

      PS: Later I found that the multifunctional create post block is creating the 10000+mysql queries.

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      • 1. What is the meaning of that X.X E-5sec, how shall we evaluate it?

        5 means how many numbers point should be moved to the left, for example 8.0E-5 sec means 0.00008 sec.

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        • Thank you Alex

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