Comment to 'Beware of TMD Hosting'
  • Glad things worked out. They are smart. Fewer and fewer people are going to be hosting websites on their own. The allure of a Facebook page or group is just too much. Not to mention the fact that hackers have gone 100% automated.

    TMD offers a direct install of UNA but they do not reveal that videos will not process on all but the upper plans. You get find that our on your own...

    Apart from that, their customer service department is quick and efficient.

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    • I also had that same problem with them. I never did get the problem with videos resolved.

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      • Are you refering to video in posts? If so, I had a problem encoding them.  In my case  I had to request ncrease the memory_limit and max_execution parameters of your server and make sure FFmpeg is enabled on your server.

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