Comment to 'Apple cutting fees for Apple Store!'
  • That’s a positive step for sure. I still believe that native apps should ideally be a niche medium for things that simply can’t be done with Web, while most websites should be able to deliver their services via web apps, but for that Apple needs to to allow WebPush. 

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    • How close are things to having an Apple pay compliant app?

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      • apple has been taking a LOT of sh** for being the bad guy lately, think fortnite, etc- and other fiascos where their legal department has shown itself to be entirely draconian, and playing still by old-hat "innovation damage control" .

        apple sucks. i really miss the leadership of job's board- of jobs. really. we all know that you cannot replace benjamin franklin with aretha franklin and get the same results. tim cook is a terrible visionary leader.

        i hope this gets better, Andrew Boon its maddening to watch.

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