Comment to 'Space Cards suggestion/feature request'
  • Andrew Boon 

    I feel myself falling into the same hole I fell into while trying to put a Dolphin based site online, years ago. The standard off-the-shelf platform will get you started, but inevitably you will need a bit of customization and coding that leaves a person at the mercy of someone else to do the work.  Unfortunately, my primary area of expertise is oil well logging instrumentation. I can do some basic things, but the level of skill required to do something seemingly simple, like adding the category name and parent space to the meta info, is not within my reach.  Back in my Dolphin days, every time I needed a littel custom work done, finding someone to do it was virtually impossible.  I'm wondering what I have to do to avoid falling into the same hole.  

    Any suggestions?  I urgently need, at the very least, the category name and the Parent Space name (if it exists) on the existing space card.  I've spent the better part of three days looking at the code, and see no built in way of putting that info on the card,  I can put the author's name on the card, the Space ID, and the time stamp, but not the info that would really help, So here I am again,dead in the water, unable to get a key element of a website working the way I need it to work.

    What would really help, is if the una code included more template keys to compliment the existing ones such as   __id__   __author__   __ts__  or __title_attr__

    If template keys for spaces, such as  __category__  or  __parent__  or __description__   existed, my problem would be solved, as the customization would be a simple template file edit.   I expect that having a key for a custom field is a different story, but you really should consider making more template keys available,  In other words, if it's a standard field on the entry form, a template key would be useful.

    For now, a __category__  and a  __parent__  key that I could use in Spaces template files would be a life saver.  

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