Comment to 'Mandatory Location Field (profiles)'
  • I come back to this question, I would like the fields "country", "state", "Post code (zip) is included as standard fields as is already the case for countries.

    The current "Location" field is not suitable for profiles, because:

    1. It can not be made mandatory
    2. Location field is very imprecise for small countries like mine, google only separates two or three regions, we have 6 provinces / regions.
    3. Many modules on the boonex market use these fields, and among others, many modzzz modules.

    In addition, it will never sell modules based on a field that can not be made mandatory, and can not create them either if the fields are not standard.

    Why do not you add these fields? Does not the one who does not need them disable it so complicated for you to add them?

    They will be essential to all webmasters who need precision on their profiles. Thank you

    if you are not convinced, visit at random 50 profiles here, you can not see that nobody has completed this field except for a few rare exceptions.

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