Comment to 'Mandatory Location Field (profiles)'
  • When I was with Dolphin... I used this module for that.

    I do not understand why UNA would use Google, they are EVIL! What's wrong with OpenStreetMap, it's open-source.

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    • Well thank you Nathan because there is no better example than the one you quote, it is the perfect illustration of what I said in all its aspects.

      And the author of the module, AQB, says this:

      "This mod allows you to create dependent fields. Did you ever dream that during join member able to select country and then in the next fieldstate from the list of states relevant to the country chosen above? That is what this mod allows. You can create infinite level of dependency.For example Country->State(Region)->City->School->Class. And after choosing field value in the parent field user will see in dependent fieldonly values that you've defined exactly for this value of parent field.And this mod applies to join page, profile edit page and search page."

      And you're right, the privacy of the data takes for his rank with a Google location, especially in the case of profiles. blessed bread for this vampire of data. It really does not fit, which makes the 4th argument.

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