Comment to 'How to build a best team'
  • Well, I would say, the answer to your question is right here, before your eyes, Hans. Communities are strong platforms for finding people with the same values, attitudes and goals. So, why not build your own community and filter out who those people, commited to the same vision you have, really are. They will have different skills and experience you might need to reach your business goals. And they might be willing to support your first business steps by earning just small money, because they might start as part-time contributers. When your business grows, you could employ key staff on full-time basis or give them a share of your financial success.

    I think, Mark made just a few good points on how to filter out those engaged people. Give them a vision and a plan, how you intend to reach your goals. Or better, let them contribute to the plan. And they will be keen on working with you in order to succeed together. Money is not as a strong motivator as high esteem of a community you feel comfortable with.

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    • You are right thomlin   , money is not such a good motivator, great people are the vision of things that motivate them more

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