Comment to 'How to build a best team'
  • Great from Mark Purser :"Good people are inspired by money, great people are inspired by vision. " and agreeΒ  also with thomlin words.

    I would mention also the importance of unity and personal appreciation of the work of your entire team. Create a sense of team and unity. Involve them in the project, grant some creative freedom, and value initiative. Value the effort and work of your team, not only in the budget limits that you can compensate them, but also making them feel part of what the united team is creating.

    Sometimes, in my opinion, it is not the money in the startup phase, it is the feelings and shared energy that are most valued by the most interesting profiles.

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    • Besides, this is the hard part, finding the right people who can really connect with others. even if money is hard to come by, it's not really a reason to give up. with good feelings, I also think that we can do great things JaduhoΒ 

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