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  • Most of what I want for my livestream is for events, classes, and pages. They would be pay, or in some cases be getting people to send points during the livestreaming. Livestreamers with a consistent number of viewers would be rewarded with some type of premium membership. Everyone would have an opportunity to thrive, or make money either by teaching classes, throwing events like concerts, or having their own livestream niche whatever they want it to be. Basically Patreon + MySpace + Facebook.....without data mining and the old days of social media where people spent more time making friends and connections without having their lives up for sale. Social Media nowadays Β is far from friendly, can be mentally harmful, and it's goal has drifted from its original intention. People have found ways to thrive and survive online during COVID and shouldn't have to lose or disconnect from what they built during COVID. I was wondering how customizable will this live be with buttons or chat. Will there be options to integrate graphic or animation overlays? πŸ€”

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