Comment to 'I want to edit the Recent or Latest news layout?'
  • It's not only vendors, It's a common for all vendors.  I want to edit all my apps. Like: Photos, videos, post, Albums, groups ect.  Because in Latest or Recent blocks fonts & Photos are to big sizes.  I want to make them are smaller.  Also, I am using "Ocean" template.  Ocean template don't have style area.  Or, I couldn't find styles area for the Ocean.   Can you please let me know where is the styles sheet for Ocean?  And, it's I want to edit for all apps Recent blocks for fonts & sizes of photos.   It's there no styles sheet for change in one place so all apps can change same time?  

    The link below explain what I try to do.  I want to do like this to UNA.  This link from Boonex.

    Please click this to see. 

    Thank you


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