Comment to 'Needing Help Getting Stripe to Work'
  • Hello Leonid, 

    Yes, I entered the test keys from my Stripe account. I will go back and double check everything. And thank you for the link to the setup manual. 



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    • Hello Kris... I used the test card, have UNA Stripe app in test mode with test keys, I have a product with the same product ID and price on the Stripe side but nothing happens after the purchase button turns green and the checkout window disappears. Also, it still says I "need to update Stripe Checkout" app, which is something I can't do. It's built into UNA so it's an core update thing, correct? 

      Thank you for the assistance. 😁

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      • We are all on the same mission (running UNA CMS stable and smoothly), with different pre-conditions (our different server settings), but with the help of the same supporting team. Btw, are you self-hosting?

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        • Okay, that is understandable. I can see how some things just won't work correctly for everyone. I am on an UNA hosting subscription. My site runs like clockwork 100% of the time. I have had issues with apps I purchased, but the problems, bugs or adjustments have been quickly corrected, fixed or made. Getting a stable and reliable payment partner up and running is my biggest and most important concern. Without it, I can't make money with my site and members can't make money being on my site. 

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