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  • Awesome! Thank you Andrew Very exciting! 

    I am definitely impressed with the level of dedication and care in which the Una team has built the platform. Personally for me finding Una is a game changer! 

    I ask the question from a creative and practical perspective. 

    I am working on a start up project with the focus of empowering people through community and education. The scope of the vision for the project is large, including both virtual and physical aspects. 

    I really asked the question because the more I learn how the platform functions, the more I keep thinking of ways to utilize it.😍 

    I realize my journey with y'all is just beginning! I am so excited and can't wait to share cool creations with you!!! 😎

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    • Welcome, you have made an excellent choice ;-)

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      • Thank you for the welcome Baloo 

        When it come to online platforms, websites, coding etc. I have just enough knowledge to be dangerous 😂 which also means I totally understand the value of the Una platform and the amazing community that supports it.

        I am grateful to have found you all and hope I am able to add value as a member 😎

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      UNA - Network Infrastructure for Communities