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  • Hi Lisa Ciesniewski - great to see you here. 👋

    Along with Andrew and our team I have had the great pleasure of exploring numerous use cases for UNA over the last few years, some of which we had designed from scratch, others we have provided support along the way.

    As Andrew says, we can't give away specifics on most projects, but we can certainly some ideas of aspects that I think are cool.

    1. Be unique. Don't try a rebuild Facebook, it's been done. Creating a bespoke community around a singular interest, topic or idea is in my experience the coolest thing that you can do with UNA. 

    2. Give value. Give your community members value for their time, a reason for joining and a reason to stay around. Create cookie content that is irresistible to your target audience, content that will bring them to your site and keep them there. Perhaps it is expert opinion, access to a product, or specialized and exclusive content (including chat with other users) 

    3. Less is Best. UNA has a dizzying array of modules and configuration possibilities, pro tip, DON'T use them all. The best UNA sites have a clear idea of what they want to be and an understanding of their value proposition. Creating a successful UNA based site is often a question of switching things off rather than turning every module on.

    4. Be a part of your own community. Create posts, encourage and answer discussions, be active and involved and your community members will be too.

    Hope this helps!

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    • Thank you Mark Purser for your insight!

      So far one of the aspects I appreciate most about Una is the wide array of capabilities and customization. For me it is super cool to find a platform that gives me the ability to both create operational systems for my teams and a variety of valuable service/product offerings for my members, all in a logical fashion out of the box without the need to do extensive coding.

      I love your recommendations and agree strongly especially with #2, which is why I am loving Una 😀 


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      • Yes the balance between creating functional tools for task management and learning and a place to review, sell and discuss is what UNA is all about. 

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      UNA - Network Infrastructure for Communities