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  • We have set up live steaming using Jitsi / Jibri - yet this needs to be set up as a custom interface for each instance. is an excellent option but its expensive, but we can and have used that too. We are preparing a streaming solution based on open source software that will be available with UNA 13. We have been testing a number of other alternatives such as Oven Media Engine with each of our recent webinars. The bottom line is that live streaming is not simple to set up or easy to maintain, it requires considerable resources to manage a streaming server, to maintain this independently is expensive for a small web publishers.

    In short, we can set up live streaming options now, built on various types of architecture, depending on your needs and budget, however it would need to be set up as a custom dedicated instance, the cost of managing that service would be entirely yours. We will be offering a service using shared streaming resources in 2022 with UNA 13 - this would be a more easily managed and cost effective solution for those wishing to offer occasional streaming services from smaller community sites. 

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    • Would you offer API services to integrate I would have it under a paid membership to cover fees associated with it

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