Comment to 'Website Down'
Comment to Website Down
  • It's happening again. This time with the profile page. Have tried removing one block at a time and testing. I have also removed all blocks, tested, and added them back one at a time, testing as each block is added, and still nothing. The only thing I have done different is uninstalling and deleting the Organizations app, which has been disabled for awhile because there were problems with it. It did not completely uninstall. There are still remnants of the app in navigation which I have disabled from view. Any ideas from anyone? Alex T⚜️ can you help? I can provide my login credentials for you if you can help.

    Sorry I can't help directly, unless you're hosting on UNA Cloud.

    But if you could check you web-server error log for any particular error when this happens and post it here I would probably will be able to advice something. If you can't find related error log, please ask your hosting support to find the error in error log.

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    • I have received several database error notifications via email, all reporting duplicate entrys. See attached screenshot. The Organizations app also will not reinstall. My intent was to delete it and reinstall a clean copy. This is when the problem started. 

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