Comment to 'newspaper style template wanted'
  • Hello Genesis !

    If you need to add a new layout to the UNA you may do it by yourself. Just need to perform the following actions:

    0) Give a name for the new template like layout_newspaper.

    1) Add a new record to the `sys_pages_layouts` table like:

    INSERT INTO `sys_pages_layouts` (`id`, `name`, `icon`, `title`, `template`, `cells_number`) VALUES

    (NULL, 'layout_newspaper', 'layout_newspaper.png', '_sys_layout_newspaper', 'layout_newspaper.html', 4);

    2) Place the _sys_layout_newspaper lang key to the Polyglot app, the layout_newspaper.png image to the template/images and layout_newspaper.html to the template folder.

    3) Add your own CSS class if necessary to your own template mix.

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    UNA - Network Infrastructure for Communities