Comment to 'Adding log in button to the splash page'
  • That worked very well. I used it for both the login and join buttons.  You can see on the homepage cover it worked great.

    But I'm having a problem with the splash page. I added the same code as I did on the cover but I can't seen to get the spacing between the two buttons and they won't center on the page. Might you have any suggestions?

    This is the code that I used on the splash page.

    <p style="text-align: center;"><a href="/page/login" class="bx-form-input-submit bx-btn bx-btn-primary "><strong>Log in Here</strong></a><a href="/page/create-account" class="bx-form-input-submit bx-btn bx-btn-primary "><strong>JOIN NOW !</strong></a>

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