Comment to 'Redesign and Restructure Una Mobile App to be completely Native '
  • When I switched over to UNA it was because I had mobile viewing in mind. I'm glad that UNA is now getting serious about why mobile view especially apps is so important. Apps capture a huge audience of users today. More and more people have phones vs computers. With mobile apps they also need to look different than mobile website viewing because people like to be engaged. From simple button effects to easy navigation. I noticed that the best looking sites always use CSS effects while the least engaging sites are static, bland, and use outdated buttons/icons etc. Hopefully Tailwind will bring in the extra CSS effects that make an app unique. Focusing on app builds and flexibility has the potential to flood and expand UNAs user base. While a lot of customization can be done by other developers and designers it takes more effort and money to maintain the same concept through each update. Errors occur, more bugs appear, and they can't be fixed via UNA because it's custom work. I am extremely excited about UNA 13 and look forward to the long awaited live streaming option. Live streaming isn't just a great addition, it helps monetize Social Networks while competing with Facebook and so many others. 

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