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  • Few suggestions. The Google ads do not help while viewing on mobile. Also depending on how many users you have it simply isn't a good way to raise revenue until you have thousands of users. The homepage has alot of different interesting stuff on it BUT that means less people would have an incentive to look at people's profiles. The more connected people are the more interaction via notifications and chat msgs. You have an extremely great niche site that has the potential to get thousands of users. I would advertise your site in bike magazines, put flyers in shops, and during big bike events have a booth and get people signed up.Β 

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    • Β Thanks Will Roberts , That's very interesting and good food for thought. Maybe a good idea to move stuff from homepage to other pages like dashboard and profile pages. Try to attract members to profile pages. Leave the homepage to mostly about timeline and simple links to other pages?Β 

      Β We have Daytona bike week coming up in a few months and I'm less than a hour from there. You give me some really good thoughts. Thanks again.

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