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  • Hi Anton,

    Thanks for looking into this. What you explain is precisely what I was expecting, but not happening.

    I added pricing - even tried several time periods and prices, including $0 which triggers the word "free" in the member's view which is perfect.

    But the [Attend Course] never goes away, except if I disable it from Navigation -> Courses -> View Actions (which is not desirable)

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    • Hello. I did a fresh install of UNA 12.1 and tried to reproduce the situation.

      1. I created a paid cource. Pricing - Image 01
      2. Course's card in browsing for viewer - Image 02
      3. Cource view page for viewer - Image 03. It has both [Pay & Join] and [Attend Course] buttons. In this case the last one can be disabled via Navigation -> Courses -> View Actions. In future updates the last button is automatically hidden when the first one appears.

      Do you see the [Pay & Join] button on your site?

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