Comment to 'Nearby People'
Comment to Nearby People
  • Yes it's good module. I was also thinking that but now after purchasing this one I have disabled because this module is showing real time location that it is sharing real location of any person. It's a very private data of any user and users don't want share this at all times.

    It should be working with profile address what people have entered in their profile location setting.

    I don't like this module because it's getting user's real gps location.

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    • Then this module is good for you.

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      • The whole idea of the module is to show real locations of online members. Not just providing a map of manually entered fixed addresses. 

        To respect privacy a member can deny geolocation, and also a site's admin can set the max zoom level of a map thus not allowing a viewer to zoom too close to be able to determine the exact location.

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        • I was not knowing that I can set maximum zoom level. Now this is good thing.

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