Comment to 'I think we should add Parallax advertising effect while scrolling the timeline messages. It has many advantages and users don't feel them as much annoying as other types of advertising... the UI stays nice, ads don't keep staring at you all the time...and users can scroll past them or come back till they are not changed or expired... What do you guys think about it? Should we have them on timeline? I don't think any other social website have it yet. '
  • Thank you for your comment Andrew. I'm not saying to incorporate Parallax effect for images. it is used only for showing ads. Users scroll there time line as it is, they view their images as it is... we only show Parallax effect Ad after every XX posts scrolled. And we rotate the Ads in the background either XX amount of posts scrolled or YY seconds. Hope I was able to explain it nicely. 

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