Comment to 'UNA RC12 is released - the good ship UNA is now ready to sail you towards your dreams…'
  • Hello Mark, yes, rest assured, I will not hang myself right now, I just bought the rope :-)

    I am still here because I am well aware of what you explain to me, I know that the road is long and difficult. and you have to put one foot and then the other.

    For ideas, I have a lot. But useless to talk to make wind.

    If you want an example, read here and look at the date, just a module, and I'm still waiting ... AQB knows me well, he knows in advance what he will sell me. But you know they are not 250 guys and they can not cut their brain into 8 parts.

    Already, I'm waiting for all their modules related to security, they know well, useless that I give other ideas before that. I will not ask for dessert before the main course you understand?

    💓0 😆0 😲0 😥0 😠0 0

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